Take a Picture With Your Cell Phone – 3D Picture Cube Software

The 3D Picture Cube definitely makes it easy to maintain your cell phone in a sleek form factor. If you’re someone who simply loves to have a bunch of images on your cell phone or tablet then you absolutely should look into buying this cool cube. The 3D picture cube from Cube Plus will enable you to easily change out your images real fast. You don’t have to worry about taking off your phone and placing it back up, the cube itself can be easily slid into your device.

Imagine if you were at a social event and had to take some time out to change pictures. What if your picture wasn’t really what you wanted, maybe you didn’t like the background and changed it, then your picture wouldn’t look like it was in 3D? It is incredibly simple to change images, it is as simple as double clicking on the image, then picking out a new background to go with it. If you need to display multiple pictures at once, you simply need to connect the cubes together. This way you can do almost anything with your cell phone. Think about how awesome it would be to be able to put an image of your son playing soccer against the wall, then when you look at it you can see the game against the wall in 3D.

One other great feature of the 3D Cube Plus is that you can use it to display your actual physical image on the outer surface of the cube. What this means is you can actually use your picture on the outer part of the cube, and not have to take it out of your cell phone to do so. This means you can put a pretty picture of you and your dog together on the outside of the cube, which is a fun activity for your children.

You also have the ability to use the phone’s own image storage to store your favorite images. The phone has 2 different options for image storage. There is a small memory on the bottom of the unit that will allow you to save your most commonly used photos and art. The larger memory is built into the phone and will allow you to download any image or video you like onto your phone.

To use this software, all you do is open the photo cube, locate the one you want to use, then upload the image. Your image will be on the screen and ready to view. The only thing that’s a little bit tricky is that if you change anything on the screen, such as the size of the cube, it won’t display properly. It may seem like your photo is being cut up, but it will eventually be restored as part of the process.

Now that we know how to take a picture of ourselves with our cell phones, what do you think? Is it a cool new accessory? Will it make you more popular in social circles? Are you worried that other people are going to be able to see your more private pictures? This new feature of the cell phone may be right for you.

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